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Furnace & Air Conditioner Tune-Ups in Wheeling

Modern Day Comfort offers Planned Maintenance Agreements to customers in Wheeling and surrounding areas. It is estimated that dirt and neglect are the cause of 40% of furnace and air conditioner repair calls. Annual tune-ups keep your furnace and air conditioner operating at peak efficiency. Having maintenance performed once a year on your heating and cooling equipment will save you money on energy bills, prevent unexpected breakdowns, and catch small problems before they become larger, costlier problems. One of our expert technicians will be happy to tell you about our Maintenance Agreement.

Our Maintenance Agreement Gives You Extra Benefits

As a reward for becoming a maintenance agreement customer, you’ll enjoy extra benefits including:

  • Priority Service and Scheduling
  • Preferred Customer Discount on Equipment Replacement
  • 15% Discount on Repairs And Parts
  • $20 Discount on Tune-Ups
  • Two-Year Warranty on All Repairs
  • Never Pay Overtime Charges

The Modern Day Comfort Tune-Up Is Thorough

When we check your furnace and air conditioner, you’ll not only have a unit that runs at peak efficiency, you’ll have peace of mind. We clean and check all moving parts, tighten what’s loose, lubricate what should be looser, replace worn or broken parts, check for Freon or gas leaks, and so much more. We also offer boiler tune-ups, water heater tune-ups, and humidifier tune-ups. Call us if you need furnace or air conditioner maintenance and ask about how you can save with our Maintenance Agreement Plan.

A/C Tune Up:

  • Check Freon levels
  • Check superheat
  • Check subcooling
  • Check voltages
  • Check amperages
  • Inspect wiring
  • Check temperature rise
  • Check temperature drop
  • Check the UF reading of the capacitor
  • Clean debris out of the electrical compartment
  • Oil the condenser fan motor if applicable
  • Wash the condenser
  • Check the air filter
  • Clean the drain line
  • Check the thermostat
  • Check the overall operations
Furnace Tune Up:

  • Inspect the heat exchanger
  • Clean the burners
  • Check the resistance of the igniter
  • Check the gas pressure
  • Clean the flame sensor
  • Check the flame signal
  • Clean the burner orifices
  • Clean the pressure switch hose
  • Clean the pressure switch ports
  • Check the inducer motor amperage
  • Check the blower motor
  • Inspect the blower wheel
  • Brush off the blower motor
  • Vacuum the cabinet out
  • Inspect the wiring
  • Check the air filter
  • Check temperature rise
  • Clean the drain line
  • Clean the drain trap
  • Check the overall operations

Call us for quality service when you need Furnace or Air Conditioner Maintenance at (847) 520-1214.

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